Kennels Interior

Our internal kennels were originally period used barns from our area within the Czech Republic. However, we are very proud of the overall reconstruction, renovation, and modernization that we undertook as a company in 2020 during Covid Pandemic.

While everyone else was stopped from working, we invested into our company and our beliefs while providing an upgraded level of comfort and hygiene to the dogs housed within our interior kennels. Our facilities underwent a complete transformation and reconstruction, removing the entire internal surfaces of our facility back to the bare structure of the building, and then reconstructing it specifically by design as kennels to facilitate our precious working dogs. 

You will now find NINE fully enclosed interior pens, all of which have been professionally constructed with the inclusions of built-in underfloor heatingCCTV camera system and a feeding preparation area.


Kennels Exterior

Through the ongoing growth and constant expansion of our company here at VENOOM™ - We have now reinvested further and added a brand-new development to the external grounds of our training and kennel facility in Czech Republic.

Our external kennels consist of SIX oversized outdoor enclosed kennels, allowing us to now house our larger dogs in an open environment where they may enjoy the outdoor elements in nicer weather. Adjacent to this area we have added a further FOUR extra-large fully fenced in exercise runs, providing ample room for our dogs to move freely and be completely comfortable, although while still under the supervision of our kennel staff, and within the security of our expanding kennel grounds and compound.

As an additional improvement we have also renovated a dedicated exercise room onsite, complete with a brand-new state of the art slat treadmill to exercise our dogs on and stimulate them daily.  We also added an expanded feeding preparation area to easily accommodate our increased volume of dogs kenneled, and we have allocated additional space within this room for our new and improved dog wash - grooming station, which is also under construction now.


VENOOM™ Office

During the COVID downturn of 2020 and once the interior kennels were completed, the took aim at further additional reconstruction also completed a complete overall of our VENOOM™ Office facility at this same time. This enabled us to create a conference room for our clients, doubling as a perfect background for the company's employees also. The office space built also included an e-shop warehouse facility for our ever-popular products. Now with the new construction being undertaken once more as we add exterior kennels and exercise room to our overall facility, we once more took the time to create a more modern and unique representation of our company brand.

The VENOON™ Office² is now open once more and fully functioning as we operate from the HQ daily in coordinating the sale and transport of our dogs and goods to our vast worldwide network of valued clients.  New furniture, textured feature wall and 3-D logo art has given our Office² environment a sleeker and more vibrant ambience, perfect for the treasured times spent relaxing with clients over coffee while exchanging stories of dogs from the past and the present.

VENOOM™ Grooming room

We place a great deal of importance on washing and grooming our dogs, which is why we've created a special room that's designed to make these activities as easy as possible. This room doubles up as a small veterinary office where we keep all the necessary equipment for providing first aid or carrying out minor veterinary procedures.

By providing this facility, we're able to enhance the standard of living of our dogs. Each dog undergoes a basic veterinary check-up and subsequent treatment, such as a bath, combing, and ear cleaning, before they leave. This ensures that new owners receive their dogs in the best possible condition.

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