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Ali Alshamsi - 🇦🇪

„Recently i was dealing with Denis he is a professional guy he got me a perfect dog happy to work with him and won’t be the last I will see you soon my friend!


Kris Taylor - 🇺🇸

„This is the guy to use for finding top GSD's in Europe. Nobody better!

Melissa Brye - 

Denis and the VENOOM team are the best at what they do! I gave Denis the challenge of finding a super sport dog and he did not disappoint. Denis found exactly what I was looking for. He is very professional and had great communication throughout the whole process. It's no wonder why so many top competitors in sport import dogs from VENOOM. I am very impressed with Denis and the VENOOM team and would highly recommend them!“

Garrison Hodges - 

Denis is professional and thorough in his work. Transporting dogs in a timely manner, great training, and clear communication. Denis worked a female at his kennel before I imported into the US and sent many videos. I recommend Denis 100% and will stay in contact for next dog.


Vincent Tran - 🇺🇸

I would recommend Denis to anyone who is looking to have their dog trained and also anyone looking for a dog, my experience with Denis is his honesty and if you ask him for any dog info he will respond immediately. We are very happy with his work .will work with him in the near future.


John Kennedy - 🇺🇸

I was looking for a new dog for sport and was introduced to Denis. He had a dog he felt was perfect for top sport. He tested the dog and provided me with several videos. After deciding to move forward with the dog Denis helped ship the dog to the U.S. He kept me informed through the entire shipping process and the dog arrived with a clean crate after traveling from Amsterdam. Denis has followed up with me several times since I got the dog to make sure I am happy with him. I couldn't be happier with the overall experience Denis and Venoom has provided.


Anna Van Kovn - 🇺🇸

„Thank you Denis for finding Dak. It was a pleasure deal with you . I appreciate your honesty , replying promptly on all my questions . I will definitely recommend you to anyone who looking for a dog to be imported from Europe.“


Richard Rosen - 🇺🇸

„Extremely good communication throughout the entire process. Videos of the dog in a variety of environmental situations. Dog is represented as i was told. Very happy with the outcome. Thanks again“


Eva Jurištová - 🇨🇿

„Thanks to Denis and Adelka for their approach at a highly professional level.“


Preston Costa - 🇺🇸

„Denis has been excellent to deal with. Imported a great dog into the US that came exactly as described. Strong, confident, with super drives. Denis was honest and professional to deal with. He has a true instinct for the dogs. I couldn't be happier with the dog or the experience dealing with Denis and Venoom.“


Elad Bachar - 🇺🇸

„Had 2 dogs imported to the US from Denis. Had a really good experience. Looking forward to do more in the future! Cheers!“


Erin O’Shea - 🇺🇸

„Denis has trained two puppies for me and done a fantastic job! He did 5 months of IPO foundation work on one puppy – building drive for the ball, teaching the basics of heeling and positions, tracking and beginning bitework. The puppy received super training and was well cared for, and I received regular video and text updates. Denis did such a great job that I now have a second puppy with him! He is professional, responsible, cares about the dogs, and goes out of his way to be helpful.“

Joachim Kopp - 🇩🇪

„Denis, is only 20 years old and he does excellent work with young dogs. I have seen many young dogs which he taught and everything was perfect!!! Thank you for my dogs!“

Graciano Trinidad - 🇵🇭

„professional, helpful & have a heart with the dogs.“

Michael Debuck - 🇦🇹

„is based on individual needs , top“

Alessandro Ben - 🇧🇷

„Super, very nice to see! All well done with details which allows the client to see the products! Congrats! Best regards! Alex“

Kateřina Racková - 🇨🇿

„Willingness, diligence, dedication, professional approach. Everything is completely calm, without stress and emotions. I really appreciate this approach. Both from Denis and Adela.“

Trần Đạt - 🇻🇳

„So good“

Dieter and Iris Schmale - 🇩🇪

„Denis trains young dogs with perfect method so their work in future will be excellent. He does perfect work in defence and also in obedience. In defence he does perfect work with aggressivity, excellent changing aggressivity and calm. He knows how to bring a dog to counterattack.“

Kevin and Samira Steuer - 🇩🇪

„Denis is perfect helper, he is also excellent in obedience and in tracks. He is excellent for aggressivity. Thank you Denis for perfect preparation Greg.“

Axel Volberg - 🇩🇪

„Thank you to Denis and Adela for amazing preperation of my Inka vom Teufelshang. They got her as young female and they did an amazing job in all three divisions. Thanks to their work my female will be great for my kennel.“

Rafael Ito Esparza - 🇪🇸

„Denis is a Top Top Teacher! I learned a lot, thanks to Denis and his girlfriend Adela for everything, been an unforgettable weekend, see you soon, regards!“

Wei Wang - 🇨🇳

„Mr. Denis is a very nice man. He helped me select and train three very good dogs in strict accordance with my needs. At the same time, help me solve many problem very patient. I'm very grateful to him for helping me. Best wish to you and your company to be better and better!“

Kinga Pavliscsák - 🇭🇺

„I am glad that I know them. In Hungary they made a high quality and top training, Denis is a very talented and professional young top trainer and Adela too. They are helpful with a top personality. I learned a lot from them and get an unforgettable weekend. Denis is the future!!!“

Anett Szadai - 🇭🇺

„Very nice person and a really good trainer for dogs and owners! We can learn a lot of him and Adela. Training in Hungary was professional and cheerful!“

Jenna Taylor - 🇩🇪

„I had my Dog with Denis and Adela for Protection. It was good. Denis and Adéla take good care of the Dog's super. And they make a super Work to bring a Puppy up. That you can work good when you get it back. There Services and Equipment is very good. Greetings Jenna and Family Taylor.“

Jorge F. Proenza - 🇺🇸

„I have been doing businesses with Denis sense 2014 and he is a very honest  person. I will continue doing business with his organization. Thanks Denis!“

Ruth Gimpel Stables - 🇺🇸

„I have A young dog that Denis started. The foundation he put on him is amazing. My dog is so solid and fun to work. All I have to do is follow the foundation! Excellent job Denis!“

Jeanette Rix - 🇺🇸

„With his innovative approach to training young dogs Denis Soldan is a Master at his Trade. Denis is far ahead of his time in program design, the importance of selective breeding and the recognition of training as enrichment for young puppies that are today the cornerstones of Modern Dog Training. His Company VENOOM is professional and the service is excellent.“

Rodel Pangandian - 🇵🇭

„Denis and Adela are so approachable and they are willing to help you when you ask them for help. Good trainers/handlers and Helper.“

Jirka Svaton - 🇨🇿

„I am very satisfied.“

Yousuf Younus - 🇶🇦

„Very good trainer and equipped with good training techniques.“

Victoria Seeger - 🇺🇸

„Denis and Adela are absolutely gifted trainers, handlers and Denis helper. I have been training K9s for 30 years and when people say I had a gift I never understood until seeing them both work, they have the TRUE GIFT. I know the future of VENOOM Denis has no limit for Success! I know they will be part of my Extend Family forever. So proud of you both!“

Ana Belen Roldan Canadas - 🇪🇸

„He is not only technique, timing, feeling, knowledge, He is Denis Soldan! Top teacher, Top trainer, but the most important, Top person and Adela also! Thank you so much for everything!“

Mohmmad Ashour - 🇹🇷

„Amazing services and best equipment.“

Alessandro Ben - 🇪🇸

„Super, very nice to see! All well done with details which allows the client to see the products! Congrats!“

Petra Barort Senova - 🇨🇿

„I had the opportunity to take part in a well-organized and secure seminar in Vrutky SK, so I definitely got my thumb up.“

Kerstin Gabriel - 🇦🇹

„Denis and Adela offer training in track, obedience and protection at a high Level. Both are not only talented dog handlers but also very good coaches.“

Camille - Audrée Lefebvre - 🇨🇦

„Super trainer! I recommand!“

Emmanuel James Sta Maria - 🇪🇸

„Top Quaity products from Venoom + Top Dog Trainer Dennis Soldan = PERFECTION !!!“

Juergen Gabriel - 🇦🇹

„Denis and Adela, we got to meet you in july 18, meanwhile we train regularly with you and we are very happy about it! You are great!“

Mike Seddon - 🇿🇦

„Top Trainer, with great feeling for different types of dogs in obedience. In protection he uses his vast experience to take dogs to a very high level . He is especially good working with dogs that are ‘ not so easy ‘ “

Xiao Hui Li - 🇨🇳

„Very professional, trustworthy, my friends, you pay attention.“

Alexis Negrín Sabina - 🇪🇸

„Denis is a guy always willing to help! very dynamic and attentive.“

Jeany Huard - 🇨🇦

„Thanks to the VENOOM team, Denis and Adela, Chuck has arrived at the QC, canada! He came out of his cage in great shape, He's a confident puppy! No fear of humans and noises, it has good and high energy... thank you again! “

Michaela Bouzkova - 🇨🇦

„Professional, talented, and helpful. Denis has great feeling for dogs and knows how to get get the best out of them. He is very approachable if asked for an advice. All around a great trainer and a person!“

Hélène Boisclair - 🇨🇦

„I went as an observer last summer to see Denis Solden's workshop at Club Ipo Nord. Then I participated in the workshops, he is a dynamic young man, interested and intense. I appreciate my time with this group. It includes the different working methods of the handlers without having to receive precise explanations. Thank you for sharing your passion!“

Mario Lamarche - 🇨🇦

„Have been dealing with Denis and Adela for one year now, I bought and import to Canada 5 dogs already with the help of Denis. Denis is a very good trainer who helps you to bring the best out of your dog and great to work with, he has been to Canada several times already and planning to have him come down more. We not only became partners, but good friends also. Thanks for everything.“

Christine Maria Kneidinger - 🇿🇦

„Denis and Adela are great friends and fantastic trainers. Their knowledge is amazing and their willingness to share is overwhelming. Denis is a great problem solver with an appetite to get things done right. Thank you to our fantastic team!“

Ludmila Skokanová - 🇨🇿

„We would like to thank for the preparation of our two females ( Hesi Zde-Sko and Jagira Aykmar ) for the championship. Very helpful, always ready to help!! Excellent helper, with professional approach to dogs and handlers!!“