VENOOM. Partners


A company with a long tradition. All production takes place in workshops in the Czech Republic and developers are active cynologists who have a modern flair. Devoted to modern production not only clothes, but also barriers, screens and other necessary things for sports cynology.

DogScout GERMANY is our longtime partner and friends together. He sells dogs: Counter Terror Dogs - Police Dogs - Home Protection Dogs - Sport Dogs

David Vognar is our partner. He specializes in car detailing! He's the best of the best!!! Visit the website and see for yourself!

Veterinary Clinic with exemplary care takes care of all our dogs, whether it is a basic care such as vaccinations, as well as more serious procedures. The entire team of the veterinary clinic is very reliable and professional and we would like to express gratitude for the care and personal approach by this way.

Our partner ROYAL CANIN which deals with food for our dogs!

The company Box4dogs is a Czech company, which has office in the Czech Republic as well. It deals with the production of quality dog transporting boxes and storage boxes.

Legend K9 - comes from Canada! It's an online store that sells dog sport equipment. He's our long-term partner!


Matus Giacko - professional dog trainer - our partner with whom we work on dog training!!! His goal is to teach you to listen to your dog before he can listen to you. Our time spent together will always be the work of three equal partners – coach, dog and owner. We will be learning from, respect and trust each other.