Based in central Europe within the Czech Republic, VENOOM have been well placed to capitalize on the rise in participation and presence now enjoyed in dog sport by Czech based breeders and trainers within the international stage that was once predominantly dominated by Germans only, and there is no doubt that the success enjoyed on international levels by the Czech trainers and breeders with their dogs is only slightly out done by Germans in larger numbers. More and more people today within the dog sport community markets now look primarily to the Czech Republic as the main source of top-quality dogs, training and equipment coming out of Europe.

Denis Soldan

Born: 1996 🇸🇰

Commencing in dog sport at the ripe young age of 11 with his first dog Arny who was without a pedigree, Denis quickly started learning and networking to produce titled dogs in IGP sport. Gradually and step by step, his rapid progress in dog sport came with maturity and with many other dogs passing through his hands over these years. Denis quickly made a name for himself in training, consequently finding himself sharing fields with some of the best sport trainers of the world today. Denis also had a flare for visual marketing, and after dedicating much time and resources to this new aspect and hobby, Denis quickly started to gain popularity and distinction by adding his training videos to his growing YouTube channel. Through the rapid success of this activity, many people began contacting Denis interested in training and buying or selling dogs within the sport also. All this time and right from the very beginning, Denis was guided and assisted in his endeavors by the Glisnik family, Mr. Jaroslav Labik, Mr. Lubos Jansky and also Mr. Joachim Kopp, Christian Mieck, Avi Cohen and for this a huge gratitude is still owed today by Denis to all these fine people. Hundreds of dogs have now passed through the hands of Denis, and because of this massive exposure and vast experience, VENOOM currently sits well placed to supply the industry market with quality dogs suitable not only for training in dog sport, but also in police and military units all around the world.

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Adela Senkova

Born: 1995 🇨🇿

Very similar to Denis - her interest in dog sport also began when she was just 11 years old, and after only a few years spent with some good trainers, Adela was competing well enough that she began to place regularly on the podium in youth competitions. The interim peak of Adela's dog sport career thus far was a greateffort to place 13th overall at the International Championship of the Czech Club of German Shepherds. Adela is currently studying and training dogs for the company, while she regularly competes and passes our dogs and those of our trusted clientswith excellent IGP exam results.

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a gogal properly set is halfway reached


VENOOM. Office

Once the kennels were completed, the took aim at further additional reconstruction also completed at this same time. This was to also create a conference room for our clients, doubling as a perfect background for the company's employees also. The office space built also includes an e-shop warehouse facility for our ever-popular products.


VENOOM. Kennels

Our kennels were originally period used barns from our areawithin the Czech Republic. However, we are very proud of the overall reconstruction, renovation and modernization that we undertook as a company in 2020 during Covid.  Our facilities underwent a complete transformation and reconstruction. You will now find 9 pens professionally constructed with built-in underfloor heating, washing boxCCTV camera system and additional spaces for grooming and preparing dog food.

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What’s in a name?

VENOOM since 2013

The name VENOOM is the result of a spontaneous idea that came to Denis in 2013 while in a restaurant late one night andeating a steak. In English the word venom means poison, and after adding one additional letter O to the name, the company identity along with our recognizable logo was now born.

„ The first step toward success is taken when you refuse to be a captive of the environment in which you first find yourself. “

- Mark Caine

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