Trainer and Competitor

Date of birth
July 9, 1959

Fayetteville GA, U.S

There's so much to say about Avi, as he boasts a remarkable career as a handler and a successful businessman. His true passion lies in tracking, and he is an exceptional expert in the "hold and bark" technique.

Avi made his debut in the world of dog sports alongside his companion, Flory vom Körbelbach, in 1992. Flory, an imported German dog, underwent rigorous training under Avi's guidance, achieving impressive milestones such as IPO3 and SchH3. Together, they participated in the 1992 and 1993 USA Nationals.

Subsequently, Avi introduced a remarkable female dog, Emy vom Patriot, also imported from Germany. With Emy, Avi showcased his skills by attaining IPO3 and participating in competitive events. Their partnership reached a pinnacle when they secured fourth place in the WUSV Universalsieger held in Italy in 2015. Emy's exceptional qualities led to her being bred three times with outstanding male dogs, resulting in multiple exceptional litters. After a fulfilling journey of competitions and breeding, Emy was gracefully retired.

The next chapter in Avi's journey brought him to Glenn von der Seilschaft, affectionately known as Fury. Fury, another German import acquired from Mr. Thomas Haas, possessed remarkable strength and dominance – qualities that resonate deeply with Avi's preferences. During this period, Avi's acquaintance with Denis proved invaluable, as Denis aided in preparing Fury for his final competitions. Together, Avi and Fury triumphed in achieving IPO3, participating in numerous competitions, and contributing to multiple successful breeding endeavors. In 2021, Fury was retired, and sadly, he passed away later that same year, leaving behind a legacy of achievement.

Undeterred by adversity, Avi embarked on a quest for a new dog companion. Seeking our assistance, we undertook the challenging task of locating the perfect match. Eventually, we discovered a one-year-old male, Hasan Ja Na Ka's son - Orkan z Arthemilly, whom Avi welcomed into his life. A journey of partnership began, leading them to achieve IGP2 together, while eagerly preparing for an inspiring competition career ahead.


- 1992 WDC Championship -
- 1993 WDC Championship -
- 2015 Working dog Championship -
- 2015 WDC Championship - 32. place
- 2015 WUSV Universalsieger -
- 2017 USA National Championship -
- 2017 USCA GSD National Championship
- 2018 USCA Working dog Championship 
- 2018 USCA GSD National Championship
- 2019 USCA Working dog Championship - 7. place
- 2019 USCA National Championship -
- 2020 USCA SW Regional Championship - 4. place
- 2020 USCA South Western Championship - 4. Place
- 2021 USCA Working dog Championship 
- 2024 USCA Working dog Championship 

"Believe in yourself, for within your own trust lies the truest strength."
- Avi Cohen
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