Helper and Trainer

Date of birth
November 12, 1998

Zdice, CZ

He has been involved in dog sports since he was little. His father, who has been dedicated to and still is involved in dog sports, introduced him to it. His first dog, a female named Messi Rivie, was a gift for his twelfth birthday. He competed with Messi until she was almost 9 years old and won 5 titles with her in youth and junior competitions.

His next dog was Nero Leryka, and this dog became his true passion. With this dog, he competed at the International Czech Championship of Working Dogs in Suchdol nad Odrou in 2022, where they achieved a beautiful 9th place, missing only 2 points to qualify for the World Championship (WUSV). Unfortunately, due to health reasons, Marek had to end Nero's competitive career, and now they enjoy retirement.

At present, he has a new partner for competitions, a young dog named Dino Golperand, who has a bright future ahead. But perhaps most people know Marek with a sleeve on his arm, acting as a decoy. He has been working with a sleeve since he was little, and since the first time he put it on his arm, he decided never to take it off. Working as a decoy became his addiction and great passion.

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Helper and Competitions

- 2016 CACIT Czech 
- 2022 2022  Int. GSD Championship Czech -

Helper work: 

- 2021 CACIT Czech - Dobris
- 2021 CACIT Czech - Horní Briza
- 2022 CACIT Czech - Dobris
- 2022 CACIT Czech - Horní Briza
- 2022 Czech Championship for Belgian Shep.
- 2023 CACIT Germany
- 2023 Czech Nationals
- 2023 CACIT Czech - Dobris

“The most important thing is to do your work with your heart. When you do it like that, it becomes your own drug, which you want to do as well as you can, with full commitment, and achieve the best results, not only for yourself but also for the friends who collaborate with you.”
- Marek Hytych on discussing upcoming collab
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