Handsome boy Hasan

  • by Denis Soldan

Hasan is a young dog that we imported as a puppy from Finland. By the age of 14 months, he was pre-educated with the Haas family, who did a lot of amazing work with him. Hasan shows incredible drive and, following the example of his father - Hasan Ja Na Ka, excels in defense with strong bites and extreme leaps in the sleeve. Despite his speed, he is a very friendly dog and he behaves very calmly in his kennel. We believe that Hasan will become part of our family and that he will be used well in breeding. It is an honor for us to own a dog like this, which is balanced and healthy.

F: Hasan Ja Na Ka 
M: Lynxfelsen Afra

Leon von der Staatsmacht 3-3
Asko von der Lutter 4-4

*HD/ED normal SV, DNA available
*Degenerative myelopathy result N/N (homozygot)
*Longhair result L/L (homozygot) only short hair



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