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Due to ongoing technical innovations and changes in the legal framework, we have to modify and / or amend the following Terms of Use from time to time. We ask that users have looked these Terms of Use before each visit to the website and take account of any changes and / or additions.

By accessing to this website, you agree fully and unconditionally with the following General Conditions of Use that you can view or print.

These terms of use (the „ Terms of Use “ ) apply to contracts concluded via registration on the website dowry placed in the web interface www.venoom.eu ( „ web interface “ ) between our company VENOOM GLOBAL s.r.o., established at Heřmanova 597/61, Holešovice, 170 00 Prague 7 Czech republic. The company is registered in the Commercial Register of District Court Prague 26 May 2017, section Sro, insert no. C 276489..

Delivery address: VENOOM GLOBAL s.r.o., Myštěves 7, 503 15 Nechanice, Czech Republic 

The responsible person and contact

CEO: Denis Soldán, Adéla Šenková
Phone: +420 739 015 211
Email: denis@venoom.eu

As Provider

and you, as a user

General Conditions of Use

    • Portal www.venoom.eu is a public web server providing various services and information to individuals and / or legal person ( "User") of which keeper is VENOOM GLOBAL s.r.o. ( "Provider").
    • User of VENOOM is a natural or legal person. The user is required to complete the registration form (in particular, which are marked as required) and agreed text of these general conditions. Provider reserves the right to cancel the registration or restrict access to the user who violates these general conditions or general binding regulations of the Czech republic.

    1. About registration
      • We declare that the data are used only for identification when purchasing services in company VENOOM GLOBAL s.r.o. and will not be disclosed to third parties or otherwise misused. By confirming of registration, I agree with receiving bidding e-mails from the online store of company VENOOM GLOBAL s.r.o..
      • Invitation e-mails will be sent up to four times a month and size of individual e-mail messages do not exceed 5 MB. The service Subscription E-mail can be canceled at any time at the e-mail address: info@venoom.eu, or to address overrides.
      • Only registered user can place an order.

        • The user undertakes that he would not act contrary to the generally binding legal regulations of the Czech republic and / or good manners when using services of portal. The user is not entitled to any copyright reward for any posts published on the server. Each user assumes responsibility and voluntarily for his contributions and agree not to use services on the portal for purposes that are inconsistent with generally binding legal regulations of the Czech republic. The user undertakes that he will not harm the provider and his reputation in any way. User shall not advertise the services of other persons who are directly or indirectly competes for the provider.
        • The user undertakes to only add photos, videos or other audiovisual work to which he has a copyright respectively, consent of the author. The user must not add photos and videos that are contrary to morality and generally binding legal regulations of the Slovak Republic. This provision applies to all the photos and videos that a user is added to the website of VENOOM.
        • Provider is not responsible for the content of posts or for debates and the content on the website of VENOOM, is not liable for violation of intellectual property rights or other rights of users. The provider does not guarantee continuous functionality, fault-free operation and security of server. Provider is not responsible for any damage that might be caused to the user regarding the use of the services on the server. The provider has the right to cancel the registration of the user even without giving a reason. The provider has the right to suspend the provision of free and paid services on the website of VENOOM. The provider has the right to shut down the website of VENOOM, even without any prior notice.

          • Users undertake to protect their access data and take note that the act performed under their registration name obliges them directly, without the need for proof of their personal involvement in the act. The provider shall not be liable to users for any damages arising from unauthorized use of their name registration by third parties. The user is entitled to apply for cancellation of registration, through email requests for account closure to the address info@venoom.eu .
          • By agreeing to these general conditions, the user who is a natural person gives his consent to the processing of his personal data. Processing of personal data by the user is subject to the Act no. 428/2002 Collection of Laws on the Protection of Personal Data, as amended. The user can also give permission to use the email address provided during registration for promotional purposes - sending of commercial e-mails (the operator is not entitled to provide the User's data to third parties).
          • The provider is entitled to place the banner, which will be purchased by a third party, it can be on every single page.
          • The user declares that accepts the provisions of these Terms of Use, they are clear and understandable, and he voluntarily undertakes to respect them. Provider reserves the right to change these Terms of Use.

          1. PRIVACY POLICY

          It is important to us that you feel secure when shopping services on VENOOM.eu. Protection for your privacy and personal data is very important for us. We manage and process personal information about you as a customer acquired during the purchase on VENOOM.eu in accordance with the Act No. 122 / 2013 Collection of Laws on the protection of personal data and on amendments to certain laws, as amended.

          You can visit our home page and browse our site without having to provide their personal data. However, when you register at the company VENOOM, you will be asked to provide information about yourself.

            • VENOOM GLOBAL s.r.o. guarantees to handle the data of user in confidence and protect them from possible abuse.
            • Personal user data, such as name, address, telephone numbers, e-mail address will only be used to processed the order, carry out the operation, clearing the corresponding payments and necessary communication. The user undertakes to indicate accurate and truthful information.
            • Personal user data will not be marketed, loaned or otherwise provided to third parties, except for companies providing supply, but only data that are necessary for the successful implementation of a particular supply.
            • Purchase data is stored in a secure database and are used for internal statistical analysis in order to improve and streamline services through e-shop. VENOOM GLOBAL s.r.o. may provide aggregated statistical information about attendance, turnover and other related information to trusted third party or to the public, but these statistics will not include any information allowing the identification of specific customers.
            • User agrees to the collection, processing and use information in accordance with these rules when ordering services via e-shop. By registering and purchasing the www.venoom.eu, the user agrees that (according to Act No. 428 Collection of the Laws, on the protection of personal data) www.venoom.eu files name of a registered, home address and any personal information provided and sent the completed order to a folder that used for evidence of delivered products and services. User agrees that it will be removed from this folder only on his own written or electronic request. This consent is given to all providers and processors of folder on www.venoom.eu and for an indefinite period.


            Users should be aware that some user information may be automatically collected during standard operation of our site (eg. IP address of the user's computer) and also the use of cookies (small text files that are stored on a user's computer and a server can detect users who had already visited at least once and then record their behavior and adjust accordingly, for example, design and content and better target advertising campaign.

            Cookies are not programs that could cause damage to the user's computer. Most browsers offer the option not to accept cookies - electronic shop will not work without cookies correctly. At the request of the user, VENOOM GLOBAL s.r.o. Take all appropriate financial steps to remove all personal data of the user.


            The pages of our site are protected by copyright. Copyright © 2014 - 2021 VENOOM GLOBAL s.r.o applies to the design of this website, its text, all graphics and photos, each of its choice, respectively. layout and software. All rights reserved. Copying or reproduction (including printout on paper) of the entire website, respectively. parts of it are allowed only with the aim of placing order at the company VENOOM GLOBAL s.r.o. or to use this website as a resource of shopping. Any other use of materials and information specified on this website - including reproduction, resale, modification and publication of other than the above objective - is prohibited, except if the company VENOOM GLOBAL s.r.o. provide the written consent to it.

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            Your VENOOM team

            Terms of Use are valid from 4/2017 to appeal.